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Newspapers for Everything Else

Make a newspaper for any reason imaginable. Just ask Fido.

Cloud Designer Templates

Our templates are 100% customizable, super user-friendly, and designed specifically to help you create outstanding newspapers with our free Cloud Designer. Below are a few of the 100s of templates available to you.

1080 Days of School
1080 Days of School
Days of School
Free Template
A numerical theme to a front page graduation newspaper. Can be used for any kind of graduation.
School Graduation
School Graduation
Graduation Announcement
Free Template
A front page template for any graduation announcement of invitation.
Reunion or Birthday Front Page, 3 Column
Reunion or Birthday Front Page, 3 Column
Special Occasions
Free Template
Great for reunions, birthdays, and other special occasions. Colors can be easily changed. Features a side bar for inside highlights.
Birthday or Reunion Front Page, Pictures
Birthday or Reunion Front Page, Pictures
Special Occasion
Free Template
Can be used for many occasions, this template is a great front page if you have lots of pictures. 100% customizable to fit your needs.

What People Are Saying...

Makemynewspaper.com has changed the way I expect to receive costumer service down to every detail. They claim "Affordable short-run newspapers made easy" and that couldn't be more true. The price is right, it was a click of a button to upload my PDF, and even when I uploaded the wrong file I received a call and they walked me through every step.

— Bradley Holdgrafer, Krochet Kids International

Makemynewspaper.com has helped our company get our message to our customers at a fair and reasonable price. You've helped us lower our printing cost and increased our bottom line. I look forward to working with you and Makemynewspaper.com again in the near future.

— Jeff Bernstein, Director of Marketing for Alan’s Shoe House

Makemynewspaper.com represents a terrific opportunity for My Local Home Show to reach consumers with relevant information about local home and garden businesses. We have integrated modern day Quick Response (QR) codes into our specialty newspaper called Tucson's Best! so that readers can read more content, watch videos and even get special deals from the convenience of their smartphones. All they have to do is scan the QR code in an ad or article. We are thrilled with the quality, service and prices from Makemynewspaper. The company is truly a partner that we can depend upon to support our innovations and growth.

— Tim Ryan, CEO, My Local Home Show, LLC

Just wanted to write and tell you how much I love my "Lottery Tipster" newspapers! You guys did such a fantastic job, I can't stop smiling :). This is my first time ever designing a project like this and I must say, it couldn't have been easier using your designer templates. I am so impressed with your company. It seems I just sent in my order and BAM! My papers were here in less than a week. Quick, fast service and superb quality. When I get these all passed out I will be ordering more! Thanks again for everything. You guys are the greatest!

— B. Ranieri, LottoLaffs

Fido's Newspaper Ideas

There are many, many uses for a newspaper. Below are just some of the ways our customers have used a personalized newspaper. You are not limited to our templates or our ideas. When it comes to print media, a newspaper has a special place in the minds of readers, so feel free to get as creative as you want in making your very own newspaper.

  • The bride and groom who want a unique wedding program, invitations, and save-the-date notices.
  • School newspapers from elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, charter schools, private schools, colleges, and universities.
  • School graduation programs.
  • Class reunions.
  • Community newspapers to keep local news local.
  • Businesses promoting their services or products.
  • As anniversary gifts--particularly the 1st anniversary which is the "Paper Anniversary."
  • As birthday gifts--where the newspaper is all about the individual who has a birthday.
  • Real estate agencies and agents using newspapers to promote property listings.
  • Advertising agencies using newspapers as another marketing tools.
  • Film festivals using newspapers as event programs.
  • Menus for restaurants.
  • The floral shop that has them neatly stacked on their counter and deliver with every order.
  • The church that uses it as a fundraiser, newsletter, or community outreach.
  • The car-wash that lays one on every seat in every car they wash.
  • The hotel using it as a guest directory.
  • The RV park offering local services and information.
  • The restaurant that uses it as a menu that people take home with them.
  • The non-profit company that uses it as way of community awareness and raising much needed cash.
  • The antique store that houses fifty vendors in their market.
  • A mechanic that can leave one with every job done.
  • The homeowner association that already prints a newsletter.
  • Family newsletters, mailed out to family members.
  • Used for family reunions to allow everyone a chance to add to the newspaper and share what has been happening since they've been apart.
  • Trade shows, to show case services and/or products.
  • Parks and camps, using a newspaper as a large map or program.
  • Movie or play producers who need just a few copies for their play or movie.
  • Entrepreneurs--even kids--who want to start their own business and work from home.
  • Photographers who use newspapers to showcase their artwork and photos.
  • Mass mailings, direct mail, and every door direct mail.
  • For large sewing patterns.
  • Old newspaper reproductions.
  • As gag gifts, practical jokes, and other fun uses.
  • As wrapping paper for Christmas, birthdays, and bridal showers.

The list could go on. If you can imagine a use for a newspaper, we'll print it!

Electronic Newspaper
Up to 32 Pages

Social Media Ready


1 year
100 Newspapers
4 Pages

289mm x 380mm


200 Newspapers
4 Pages

289mm x 380mm


300 Newspapers
4 Pages

289mm x 380mm


400 Newspapers
4 Pages

289mm x 380mm


500 Newspapers
4 Pages

289mm x 380mm



Helpful Tutorials

How To Start a Profitable Newspaper

A newspaper can be a profitable business. This tutorial takes you through the entire process of how to make money with a newspaper.

How to Reduce Your Printing Costs

These tips will help you reduce your printing costs, possibly even eliminating them altogether.

Generate Part or Full Time Income with Your Newspaper

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Industry and Personal Uses of a Newspaper

There are so many things you can use a personalized newspaper for. The following list is but a small example that might give you some ideas.

How to Distribute Your Newspaper

Ideas on where and how you can distribute your newspaper.

Open our cloud newspaper designer to build your church newspaper today!
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Open our cloud newspaper designer to build your personalized newspaper today!
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