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Custom Order Information

Please Read before Submitting a Custom Order Quote Request

Several of our clients have special requirements outside of our automated pricing. Please use the link at the end of this page and we will try and facilitate any special requests. Before you can submit a custom order quote, you will need an account so that your quote request can be associated with you.

What We Can Print

  • We Print Only Tabloid Sizes — Our parameters are designed to facilitate fast and low cost service. Therefore we print only Tabloid Size (289mm x 380mm) or Berliner (318mm x 467mm) sizes for the UK website. US sizes, such as 11"x14" and 11"x17" can only be printed in the US and will need to be ordered from the main MakeMyNewspaper website.
  • More Pages — We can print more than 16 pages. Fill out the quote request with the number of pages you are requesting in your newspaper. It will need to be a quantity of 4.
  • Different Quantities — We can print quantities that are not listed on our standard pricing. Fill out the form with the requested quantity to get a quote.

What We Do NOT Print

  • Other Sizes — We do not print broadsheets, magazines, flyers, or other printed materials other than tabloids.
  • Bleeds — We do not print bleeds. Each newspaper submitted must have a half inch margin around all edges.
  • Discount for Spot Colours — There is no discount for spot colours. If there is any colour at all, then there is a full colour charge.
  • Stitching and binding — We can print quantities that are not listed on our standard pricing. Fill out the form with the requested quantity to get a quote.
  • Trimming — Newspapers come as they are. We do not trim.
  • Glossy Paper — We print only on newsprint. We do not print on any other type of paper.

Additional Custom Order Information

You must have a Custom Order Number before ordering a custom publication. Fill out the details on the Custom Order Form and we will send you a quote for your order. If you choose to follow through and order after receiving your quote, contact us and an Order Number will be created for you to use when you order. This number will automatically populate all the necessary fields of your order so that you can see exactly what you are ordering, how much it costs, and what the shipping will be before you pay.

If you are requesting additional pages in full colour, please indicate how many pages in full colour and how many in black and white. We will send with your quote exactly what pages would be printed in colour when we know how many you require. Colour pages can be added only in increments of four pages at a time with no more than 16 pages in full colour no matter how many pages you order.

If you are requesting more than 64 pages, please choose 64 and write in the exact number of pages you are wanting in the special instructions box.

Shipping quotes will be sent with your Custom Order request (with shipping address).

Fill out our Custom Order Quote Request Form:
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