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Make Your Own Restaurant Menu Newspaper

Disposable Restaurant Menus

Covid-19 Safe | Newsprint | 11x17 | Double-sided | Full Color

newspaper menu

"Newspapers don't transmit coronavirus...[The] 'sterlity of ink and paper process' makes newsprint safe." - World Health Organization (WHO)

These disposable, single-use and recyclable newspaper menus are the safest and most inexpensive menus available for restaurants dealing the with Coronavirus.

You can order these single-use menus using your own PDF (see Specifications below) or use our low cost Design Service. All prices are listed below.

Ordering by the month or quarterly also allows you to change prices and items as needed.

If you need Design help you'll be offered a choice of menu styles.
(Or Save Money and Upload Your Own PDF)

menu design-a1

This style is for menus with minimum items. Choose your color scheme.

menu design-a2

This style is for menus with a larger choice of items. Choose your color Scheme.

menu design-a3

This style is for menus with a more elegant offering. Choose your color scheme.

Specifications for Uploaded PDFs

  1. One print ready PDF in two pages.
  2. Margins: At least half inch (0.5") all the way around. No bleeds. Page size: exactly 11x17.
    Note: We can shrink marginless 11x17 PDFs to fit on 11x17 with half inch margins.

*A lot of restaurants have their menus on 8.5x11. If you are one of them and do not want to redesign to an 11x17, we can enlarge your 8.5x11 to a proportionate 11x14 newspaper page size instead of an 11x17 page size. To do so, order one of the products below and then when requested, send us your 8.5x11 PDF. We'll know what to do with it once received.


# of 11x17
Newspaper Menus

Print Menus Only
You Supply PDF

Print w/ Design


50 Cents Each




35 Cents Each




27 Cents Each




22.5 Cents Each




18.3 Cents Each




16 Cents Each




15 Cents Each




10 Cents Each



Additional Information

Prices include total charges excluding Arizona sales tax. UPS charges upon check-out. Customer will supply all articles, images, logos or photos, and customer will be able to choose from a selection of templates that best suit their style. Upload orders will be contacted regarding print pdf. The time it takes to complete design services is dependent on how quickly you can send articles and pictures and proofing: usually about a week until print ready.

PRINT MENUS WITH DESIGN SERVICES: After ordering, you will be contacted by our designer to choose one of the three menu templates listed above. Our professional designer will work with you to create your disposable menu. Once you are satisfied and approve the PDF proof we provide, we will print and ship them directly to you.

PRINT MENUS ONLY: You will need to supply a PDF that meets our specifications for print. You will receive instructions after ordering on how to submit your PDF.