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Classic Newsprint Prices
(750 - 50,000 Newspapers)

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If the UPS ground shipping calculator shows a price of $100 or more, you might want to consider getting a quote on freight shipping. Use the button below to request a drop shipping quote.

For shipping requests over 24 pages or over 50,000 copies, please use our custom order page for freight quotes.

Classic Newsprint Details


All classic newsprint orders are completed and out the door within 4 business days after the order is placed. Shipping times will vary.

Example: If an order is placed on a Thursday, the order will be shipped no later than Wednesday of the next week (assuming there is no holidays in that time period). Then there will be transit time from the printer to you, which will vary.

UPS Shipping: UPS does not necessarily deliver on weekends, so it is possible that Next Day Air and 2nd Day Air will not arrive until Monday.

If you have a regular printing schedule (weekly, bi-monthly, monthly) we can put you on the schedule for faster turn-around (contact Customer Service). 


Custom orders, or newspaper needs that are not listed on this price list (more than 50,000 or more than 24 pages), can be fulfilled through our Custom Order page.  If you need less than a thousand newspapers read below.


Our Classic newspapers are of the highest quality using the latest printing technology while offering the lowest pricing available.  All orders are printed on regular or hi-bright newsprint. 

Using our Impact Newsprint as a precursor to Classic Newsprint will give you a good idea of what a Classic newspaper will be like. There are differences, but a reader, unless held side by side, will never know the difference. Classic Newsprint is printed on newsprint using our high quality web-presses while Impact uses digital technology, but both newspapers are printed with ink.

Classic is more sensitive to CMYK issues than Impact is, and so it is more important to follow our specifications in Classic print-runs. We now print some of our smaller print-run Classic newspapers digitally as well to offer even better pricing on shorter and longer print-runs.

To see our Impact Newsprint prices, orders of 500 or less, please click on the button below: