Back when first launched, wedding newspapers weren't even considered as a type of newspaper that our customers might want. We had no landing page talking about it, we offered no templates to design with, and, truthfully, I'm not sure we actually even knew what a wedding newspaper was.

But we had to change our thinking exceptionally fast.  Almost immediately we found, or, more appropriately, we were told by our clients, that the desire for wedding newspapers was not only extraordinarily strong but that the customer base was simply huge. We had to regroup, reorganize and build wedding newspaper templates immediately. We're glad we did, and we appreciate the feedback and support from those whom participated in forcing us to amend this error. In fact, much of what is said in this article is what our own clients have thought regarding printing and publishing their wedding newspapers.

Wedding newspapers are probably the perfect wedding memento.  Wedding newspapers are unique, they last forever, they're something you put away as a keepsake and preciously look at decades later. They can be printed in color but many are printed in historical black and white.  A wedding newspaper depicts what the family and bride and groom looked and acted like, what they felt, and where they went.  You can touch a wedding newspaper; caress the paper, feel the history leap off the page in a way something electronic will never accomplish.  And, probably, there isn't one other wedding that you've gone to that had one. Wedding newspapers are unpretentiously inimitable.

There are over two million weddings a year in the U.S. alone, yet the myriad ways wedding newspapers are used is astounding.  They can be used for announcements, ceremonies or receptions. Wedding newspapers can be used as save-the-date cards or invitations.  They can be used as thank you cards after the wedding.  We've even seen newspapers used as table clothes.  And, after the ceremony, they make the perfect anniversary gift (we all know that the 25th year anniversary gift is "silver" and 50th is "gold" but did you know that the one year anniversary gift is "paper?")

There is something about a wedding newspaper that no other kind of product offers.  It almost, I believe, instantly becomes living history before our very eyes, the second we see it, the moment we stare at its pages. And, years later, those feelings instantly arise as we look at it again, recalling that special day unlike any other we will ever have.

Wedding newspapers are forever.   I don't think there are many things like that anymore.

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