While our Designer has always allowed the ability to upload pictures, we have had several requests from our great group of loyal users to allow more flexibility in a variety of ways regarding pictures, clip art and images.  Today, we launch an extensive overhaul to the PageProdigy system (the Makemynewspaper.com Cloud Designer).

Read below to see the details of the upgrade. Remember, when you sign in next, please refresh your browser to take advantage of these new features.

Topics: Stored Uploaded Files, Uploading PDFs, Uploading SVG (vector art), Free Vector Clip Art, Free Stock Photos.

All features are available when you use the "Add Picture" feature in the Designer.

1. Stored Uploaded Images (pictures and clip art)

From now on any picture, image or clipart that you upload into the designer will be stored and available for you to use at any time for any project.  All of your previously uploaded images will now show in your library as well. Just find it, click on it and it will show up in your design. Your library will show in alphabetical order all images available and there is a search feature as well under the "Uploaded Images" tab when your use your "Add Picture" feature.

2. Uploading PDFs 

PDFs can now be uploaded to use in your design (This is not to replace using a completed PDF to order with, but so you can use parts of a PDF in your design). The PDFs are automatically converted into an image (or multi-images if more than one page), which you can then insert, crop, rotate or any other feature that accompanies an image. Keep in mind that "fonts" are not embedded once converted to an image within the PDF that's been uploaded.

3. Uploading SVG Art (vector art)

SVG (a common type of vector art) files can now be uploaded into your design.  Our new Designer Clip Art (see next topic) is all vector art.  

4. Free Clip Art Library

Under "Free Vector Clip Art," you will then see images for you to use.  Simply click and the clip art will insert into your design.  Use the search feature to look for more clipart.  There are over 52,000 images available in this clip art section.

5. Free Stock Photo Library

Search from over 300,000 free printable photos from our new photo library to use in your design.

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