Selfie: A photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website (Oxford English Dictionary). 

The word “Selfie” was officially recognized in the Oxford dictionary only last year and by the end of 2013 was declared the “word of the year.”

Though self-portraits were first introduced in 1839 (can you believe it), the actual word “selfie” has been traced to have been used first in only 2002, from an Australian.

But understand that “selfies” have grown beyond just human-taken photos, and now can be pictures taken from anywhere that a machine is photographing itself. Case in point: a satellite that takes a photo of itself in space is considered a selfie. 

After careful consideration, I’ve realized that while we can run, we can’t hide, the fact that our “personal” newspapers are a form of selfie, especially our eNewspaper, which allows for pages of photographs to be shared online. For sure, personal newspapers are a form of self-expression, a way of putting out to the masses our thoughts, our opinions, and our pictures. And while Facebook and social sites have proliferated this kind of mentality among us, we also know that our personal newspapers are just another form of this; a different, and unique, way of sharing our viewpoints, our dreams, and, yes, our pictures.

Our three largest areas of personal newspapers are individuals who print or publish a single paper on their lives and their thoughts, such as wedding and birthday newspapers.  What are these publications trying to accomplish?  Well, they talk about themselves. They are capturing a moment in time, and often using photographs to snapshot this point in time from a very personal level.

In a way, it seems that the newspaper has always been a selfie.  Newspapers talk about us, what’s going on right now, what’s important to us, and use pictures to hammer home the point, archiving it forever for future generations to see and evaluate that point in time.

Which means, when it’s all said and done, long, long before social media, the original and only source to share a selfie was a newspaper.  Remember, the only reason the selfies became popular was that there were social media sites to share them with. The only problem before social media was that most of us couldn’t get a newspaper to print our particular selfie unless whoever was publishing the newspaper chose to do so. has helped changed that. Now you can produce your own newspaper, print or digital, and thousands of you across the globe are doing just that.

The “original” selfie platform has returned in the form of personal newspapers.

How’s that for corporate justification.

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