There isn’t any question the newsprint sector is struggling. Many newspaper printing businesses are going belly up at an growing pace. Most fault the Internet, and some blame administration. In general everybody is aware that the industry is in an upheaval. The business design employed for over a hundred years is just not doing the job anymore. Is there a different business structure? The largest newspaper printing plants across the world are urgently seeking a solution to this issue. Until now, the heads of the sector have not yet discovered any good solutions.

Consequently, is newsprint just about to become extinct? Are the very last days of the newspaper currently happening? Is newsprint likely to go the way of eight-track tapes? Will it become a nostalgic memory prompted by finding yellowed newsprint in the rear of a garage during an occasional overdue spring cleaning?

Definitely not.

Introducing the "Niche" Newspaper

Millions per day still read a newspaper, and the “niche” newspaper is booming. It’s not that people today don’t prefer to read hard copy; it’s that the public wants to read particularly on subject matter that keep their interest.

The daily newspaper would once give to us our daily digest of information and facts. Lots of people would often read them from cover to cover in the morning while drinking a cup of tea, or maybe in after work while resting in an easy chair. Nowadays, the web has substituted this, and it also fits better into our demanding schedules. Daily newspapers are still read, but primarily for an average of 15 minutes each time.

Interestingly, enormous amounts are still used on publications, brochures, newsletters and varied other periodicals that people still can hold using their hands. They like the ability to read while perusing with a beverage, lunch or maybe more private spots (should I say it…the throne?).

Newsprint is Still Super Affordable

Newsprint remains essentially the most affordable print media on earth. It’s not that printers need to be put out of business. They must alter their business, and adapt to the market trend that’s changing around them.

In the past, a four-color newsprint web-press has relied on the necessity for multi-page newspapers to get printed in the tens of thousands daily, each week or each and every month. That also has been the method for longer than 100 years. That is the model that every printing factory has implemented without question from virtually its development.

That plan is history. That model is ineffective. That model ought to be packed away — perhaps in our garage. The industry should comprehend the future, and embrace the hints of development which is taking place all around us.

Specifically, niche, short-run newspapers are the future of newsprint. They are the future for individuals, for corporations and agencies, and for everyone. These represent the only logical direction for the survival for one of man’s most important creations — man’s original social media:

The newspaper.

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