It is with a particular pleasure that we are watching a phenomenon rapidly spreading throughout our customer base.  Something that we believe is so purely the backbone of freedom and expression and ultimately so very American.

The return of the true community newspaper.

These new newspapers are run, owned and operated by individuals and entrepreneurs who are finding a voice in their cities and neighborhoods by starting their own local newspaper–newspapers that have a voice from “within” its community, rather than from “outside.” It is with a feeling of satisfaction that we believe we have a part in helping create these newspapers by offering the tools and pricing to make this possible.

We want to offer a few kudos for just some of the new local newspapers that have begun from scratch in their communities and wish them great success. Most are already publishing regularly:

“The Oregon Senior” News

“The Trader” in Arizona

“Konnect” in Virginia

“The Daily Phalanx” in Texas

“Neighbours News” in British Columbia

“The Huntingtonian” in New York

“The Flying News Post” in Los Angeles

“The Riverside Compass” in Iowa

“The Invitation” in Missouri

“The Muse” in Washington

“The San Diego Sun Times”

“The Lebonon Local” in Lebonon, Ohio and so many more!

Start Designing Your Own Newspaper Now!