No, it’s not Star Trek, but we are taking quite a leap into the future of Newspapers by launching our all new website and proudly introducing several new products including eNewspapers, Impact Newsprint and our entirely new Cloud Newspaper Designer. 

We jump into the Internet universe first with our brand new “eNewspaper,” an all digital newspaper that anyone can create on our free Cloud Newspaper Designer, publish for an extremely low cost, and then instantly share on websites, social media, blogs, emails and everything Internet. Now your viewers can enjoy your eNewspaper on a digital viewer using their desk and laptops, tablets and  smartphones.  Your eNewspaper can even provide links to other websites including video and so much more. is proud to be the first fully controllable designer and digital newspaper provider in the world!  Anyone of any age can now create, design and publish their own eNewspaper for dollars per issue. 

Next comes Impact Newsprint, the only newspaper in North America of its kind!  Printed on  a newly invented digital machine and in quantities of one to five-hundred newspapers, the print coverage of Impact Newsprint is like nothing ever seen, a gloss-like finish that simply leaps off the page. Prices are offered in color AND black and white, for as low as $19.00.  No other newspaper company provides this product and the prices are simply unheard of.

And what can we say about our new Cloud Newspaper Designer.  Again (it’s getting a bit redundant, huh?), there is simply no other program on earth like our new designer.  Completely Cloud based (nothing to download or save on your computer), our new designer is jam-packed with features that allow you complete control of your design: Spell-check, cropping, uploadable images and objects, lines, boxes with border and fill colors, even templates in a variety of categories available FOR EACH PAGE of your publication.

Heck, our new designer is so user friendly that little Johnny can do his homework and Grandma can plot a reunion paper in a matter of minutes if they choose.  And then publish it electronically, in print, or both!  

We also hope you like our new website.  We’ve taken great pains to make it faster, easier to navigate and generally make your experience a friendly and enlightened one.  We hope you enjoy.

Of course, any feedback you want to give us we’d love to have.

Take care, everyone, and here’s to the future…! 

Start Designing Your Own Newspaper Now!