It’s agreed universally that the newspaper industry is not only changing, but changing drastically as they’ve had to re-evaluate their business model…the day of the daily newspaper is gone, or going fast, and everybody knows it.

So what can be done with newsprint?  

Newsprint is, by far, the cheapest form of print media in the world.  It is, by every standard, the most recognizable print media in the world and as all research indicates is still (by so far as to be unbelievable) the most trusted media in the world:  More than radio, television and the Internet combined!  

Which of course means that newsprint isn’t dead…it just needs another assignment.  It needs to be used in a way that people need it, not how it needs them.  Newsprint, as a final kind of joke, needs not to tell other people the news, but needs it to tell of other people’s news.  

Simply put, newsprint needs to do what another invention did almost 40 years ago.

Newsprint needs to go the way of the newsletter and magazines and become extremely “niche” oriented.  It offers more room for information, more credibility, and with less cost than a newsletter.  With the demise of the big daily, the weekly and monthly, the movement has already begun as newsprint companies scramble to know what to do with their incredible product.

Newsletters are seeing a resurgence.  Companies that thought they could let go of the higher priced newsletter in favor of the inexpensive Internet have done an about-face:  while online newsletters are almost free, they are hard to get people to read (hit the delete button or lost in spam).  The entire business community has learned that hard-copy just can’t be replaced in efficiency per copy made as an online newsletter.  The cost may be higher, but it simply works better.  So, companies by droves have gone back to the printed newsletter.    

So how does newsprint fit into this?  Because no matter how you break it down, especially in this economy we’re in but always in business, we look at our bottom line.  In no way can a regularly printed newsletter be printed for less, ultimately, than newsprint.  The cost of paper, always, is higher.  This is an undisputed fact, and one that corporate and industry has finally embraced.  They have finally looked outside of their self-inflicted cocoons and saw the obvious.  With the innovation and technology now arising to allow short-run newspapers affordably, it’s a brainless understanding.

Newsprint is cheaper than newsletters.  And the newsletter business is a billion dollar business because it’s a way for ANY company, big or small, in any and particularly a down economic climate, to be heard.  Especially so if you’re a niche.

There’s a small non-profit agency, a charitable organization that relies on donations to survive, who realized that emailing a newsletter–while less expensive–was not as effective as a printed newsletter.   Donations from the email newsletter over several months dropped drastically, both in cash and material items, and they set about printing again a newsletter that they could direct mail to previous donors and give out to new clients. The organization simply got more business from the hard copy they used to put out until last year when they went with the trend and transferred to an emailed newsletter.  Repeat business dropped drastically when they did this.  Email was just too easy to delete, pass over or choose to read later and never do.  

As they went forward to print, they were informed of a way to print their newsletter as a newspaper, something they had never considered before.  What they found out was not only was it cheaper to begin with, it looked better, had more room for content, and was easy to actually sell sponsorship in because it was a newspaper and not a normal, typical newsletter.  Therefore, they actually recouped printing costs.  In a few issues, they actually made money to use in the many services that they offer.  And, they could also offer “thank you’s” to the several businesses that were consistently helping them by giving them ad-like spaces as well in their newspaper.

The incredible thing is, donations shot right back up from the first newspaper.  They’ve printed 9 newspapers so far.  Now, churches, other non-profits, even BBB’s (Better Business Bureau’s) are starting to use this format as well all over the country (see reference below).  

While newsletters are re-finding their way back to the small business or organization, the new trend seems to be tweaking it just a little, and using a short-run newspaper instead.  It’s cheaper, better looking and overall more effective in marketing your “niche.”

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