Even though the Internet, TV, radio and so many other technology outlets dominate our media stream, here are some interesting facts, opinions and history we thought you might appreciate that are pertinent regarding newspapers in today’s marketplace.

While Makemynewspaper.com has strived to revitalize the newspaper market, by offering both digital and extreme short run prints so individuals could have a voice affordably, it was with a bit of surprise even to us to read the following:

  1. Over a hundred and fifty million Americans (two out of three adults) still read a newspaper at least once a week.  The number is so high because of the trust in the LOCAL newspaper.
  2. Newspapers, and their content (including ads) are trusted more than the Internet, Radio and Television . . . combined.
  3. There are about 7,000 weekly and 1,400 daily newspapers still being printed today.
  4. Newspapers, today, are by far the most sought after local news source in every city and county in America. 

The following is a quote we found (and loved) from RegHardware.com and author Andrew Orlowski…

The conveniences of paper are also underestimated. Since paper isn't digital and isn't even electric, it isn't thought of as a technology at all - but of course it is. As I mused a while ago:

If a new technology called PTech were invented today, and promised vastly improved flexibility, durability, convenience, and richness of browsing and reading - as well as ridding books from DRM - it would destroy the Digital Book market overnight. We have PTech today, of course - it's called paper, and it's simply a superior technology.”

But is it a VALID technology?  Maybe the answer lies in the following question . . . Why has Warren Buffet invested over 344 million dollars in newspaper companies in just the past few years?

Newspaper printing and publishing has been hit hard the last several years, but as in many industries it appears that it’s just getting rid of the riff-raff, weeding out those that were sailing on its easy profits.  It happens in every industry, including recently in the real estate market. Par for the course.  And, now, newspapers are starting to show a profit again.  Community newspapers have stayed strong regardless of the national newspaper decline mostly because of one simple fact: people trust their local newspaper.

Every indication is that newspapers are here to stay, and in some ways, is more viable and reliable than ever before. 

Here’s a partial quote from Mark Twain, which might be more relevant than it was when he said it over a hundred and fifty years ago regarding the power of a newspaper journalist (good or bad):

“. . . when they speak in print it is the newspaper that is talking . . . then their utterances shake the community like the thunders of prophecy.”

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