How would you like to launch your own business without any start-up fees, franchise fees, vendor costs and essentially start out overnight and start generating revenue the next day?

The most difficult decision in starting your own small business is usually regarding how much money you have to launch it. Do you have enough?

Okay, what about $0.00 for start up costs? Honestly, with preliminary paper and ink costs, it’s reasonably almost $4.00; but we’ll stretch this tiny fact to get the point across.

This also isn’t a joke. There’s a trend of brand-new businesses being built throughout America based upon a long standing concept. You’re most likely not going to believe what it is, especially in this day of online and high-tech thinking: Start your own private home business by publishing your own newspaper.

Did you know that you can print 3,000 newspapers for $269.00? Or 4,000 for $309.00? Or 15,000 for $599.00?

You can. This means, for 2,500 newspapers, that when you sell two advertisements in your newspaper for $125.00, you will have practically paid for your newspaper, and the remaining is pretty much pure income! And, it will cost nothing at the start until you buy your newspaper!

The leading daily and weekly newspaper companies are dying on the vine, and everyone is aware of this. Nonetheless the “niche” newspaper is growing, and doing just great, thank you, and developing in a variety of ways all around.It is a fascinating fact that within the history of the newspaper, short-run newsprint has never been offered before to the general public. It’s true. Agencies presently realize that by utilizing the short-run newspaper there are millions of uses to thousands of companies, organizations, church’s, non-profits and even people. For the first time the service has become not just available, but in some instances these companies feature templates, online graphic programs, syndications, stands, direct mailing along with a range of additional services. Content, such as articles, comic strips, and crossword puzzles, is available for use within your newspaper, as well.

Take another case: You want to print an eight page newspaper, which will easily hold 35 advertisements and have plenty of area for content. The cost of 5,000, eight page, COLOR newspapers from a site like, is $599.00. If you sell your advertising for just $100.00 per advertisement, your entire revenue is $3,500.00. Even with gasoline, ink, shipping as well as other small expenses (for which you do not pay until after you’ve started), you are making over $2,500 per publication. Merely upping your advertisement price to $150.00 each, and your whole revenue is $5,250.00!

That’s a full time income, people, and a remarkably successful home business. And if perhaps you’re a religious organization or non-profit or small business, that’s a whole lot of extra revenue.

And, there’s really no waiting…print an example of your concept and agreements, and merely go out the door and begin selling advertisements. The only additional thing you have to know is how your newspaper will likely be distributed. Dining places, healthcare workplaces, libraries, supermarkets and retail businesses everywhere are often very happy to have a fresh, local newspaper…at zero cost.

The Internet supplies immeasurable information, but establishments everywhere have previously come to comprehend that print media isn’t being replaced. Most people like specific things to read in their homes, or over a cup of coffee…things that interest them. They may not purchase a local paper ever again, but they WILL take home to read a newspaper for pet enthusiasts, or restoring methods, or faith based beliefs, or neighborhood information, or ceramic tips and hints, or political ideas, and on and on and on.

It’s an appealing and profitable home business method, and distinct from the infomercials or commercials that require your money beforehand. With a short-run newspaper you basically don’t pay cash in advance and start a business. And you could achieve this in areas for which you yourself carry an interest in as well, becoming an integral part of your town and living the American dream…as a productive business owner.

Plus it cost you nothing in the beginning to do this.

Start Designing Your Own Newspaper Now!