Over the past few weeks we've implemented several upgrades in our Designer system. When you sign in next, please refresh your browser to take advantage of these new features.

Below is a list of upgrades we have implemented largely due to the great feedback we get from our customers. We are excited about these upgrades and have many more on the burner. We want to make your designing experience as easy as possible.

1. Text Boxes

We've completely redesigned the text box system to an 8 point box, which now allows much more flexibility as you design.

a. You can now move the text box by grabbing any side (hold your cursor over any side line, hold and move).

b. Text Boxes, pictures and shapes will now all stay proportional by resizing on any corner. (Shout out to Beth for this suggestion!)

c. You can now stretch your text box from any edge by grabbing any non-corner small box and pulling in or out.

2. Text Box Rotation

Text rotation is now available both from the text box itself and a more exact control in the text tools menu. Look for the green circled arrow above each text box, grab that, and rotate as you wish. You may go to the menu as well, click on the "rotate" icon, and use the - or + buttons to adjust minutely or use the slider.

(All rotated text on any program shows a little distortion, but keep in mind that it doesn't print that way. The distortion is different depending on the browser you're using, but not when printed)

3. Image & Shape Rotation Upgrade

All images and shapes also now have the circled arrow above, which allows you to rotate easily.

4. Nudging For Any Text Box, Image or Shape

Click on your text box (on the edge for text boxes), image or shape, and use your arrows to nudge to any position you desire.

The nudging is based on your current zoom, so you can zoom in to get pixel perfect alignment.

5. eNewspapers Load Time Now Faster with Increased Quality

Your eNewspapers now load up to10 times faster than before.  Virtually no wait time for your viewers.

You can now also zoom in more on your eNewspapers and the quality has been increased by 50%.

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Upcoming Features

We love to hear from you! Hearing from you influences what becomes the most important priority. Look for brand new features coming in the following weeks.

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