“I had this idea of creating a newspaper as my wedding program, but when I went to research it out, I couldn’t find many places that’ll do it. I found you, but little else. Is this because it isn’t a good idea?”

-- Linda from Kearney NE

Hi Linda. In truth, we think it’s a fantastic idea! All of the people we’ve heard from that have done exactly as you’re thinking of doing have had nothing but very, very positive things to say about it. In fact, it is gaining in popularity. If the number of customers creating a wedding newspaper on our website is any indication, it is becoming very popular.

There are a number of advantages to using a newspaper as a wedding program (or even as an invitation).

#1 -- It is a great keepsake. Your newspaper will have more than just an order of service on it. It will have the story of your engagement, the story of how you met perhaps, pictures of the bridal party, articles written about you and your soon to be spouse, and so much more. This is a great keepsake for you, if nothing else.

#2 -- Guests love them. Your guests will be able to build a better connection with the strength of your love for each other by what is written and shown in your newspaper. It is kinda like a sneak preview or a glimpse into your heart.

#3 -- Gives you the room to say it. With a newspaper, you have the room to say everything you want to say. Welcome guests. Tell your story. Thank your parents or key friends. Show photo after photo of the two of you. And so much more. It is a great way to involve everyone in your wedding.

#4 -- Adds to the class of your wedding. Newspapers have traditionally been the means to announce important events, but when the newspaper is all about you and your wedding, it just heightens that sense of importance.

#5 -- Is often less expensive than other means. Other programs, not only limiting in what you can put in it, are often more expensive than making a newspaper.

Perhaps, Linda, the most difficult thing about this process is the design itself. You’ll have to decide what pictures to put in and what to write. It can be time consuming, so give yourself plenty of time to complete the newspaper so we can get them to you in plenty of time for your wedding.

Best to you and yours.

Greg Baker is the customer service manager for MakeMyNewspaper. He has assisted thousands of people over the years in creating, designing, and printing personalized newspapers. Click Here to ask Greg a question of your own.

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