Between now and the mid-term elections in November there are major primary’s running virtually every single week, and that’s not including the thousands of local campaigns.

Part of what a good election campaign does is personalize: getting those volunteers out there handing out flyers at colleges, in front of court houses and grocery stores, going house to house, doorknob to doorknob; because, at the end of the day, placing a flyer directly into someone’s hands is probably the single, most personal, most efficient way of passing along your candidates message outside of the candidate standing there themselves.

We here at have come to understand that newspapers--personal newspapers as they are starting to be called--are starting to take a much more active role in these election campaigns in two rather distinct ways over how they have been utilized in the past.

One of these methods is replacing campaign flyers with campaign newspapers.  Flyers are typically 8” ½ x 11” and can tell a brief story.  A tabloid newspaper, typically 7” x 11” when quarter folded, actually has the ability to offer almost 5 times the informational space at a smaller cost than a flyer when printed in bulk. Therefore, you can hand out more material, and tell more about your candidate, at a lower cost with a newspaper rather than a flyer. This kind of marketing product is something we’re seeing becoming more and more popular through our website.

The other rather astounding trend we’re seeing is political websites using printed newspapers to augment, and build, the traffic to their website.  This is almost completely contrary to what we all hear about, that print is being replaced by the Internet. We are watching an amazing role reversal occur before our very eyes.  Site after site is ordering through us a print version to drive traffic to their websites.  And it’s working. We’ve had some of these clients ordering from us for over two years now, with their circulation growing.

There is actually a third element, though it coincides with the previous paragraph, and that’s we’re seeing politically oriented “community” newspapers being created and launched more than ever before.  These are consistently published newspapers, monthly or bi-monthly, that while they communicate local news and information, they also have a very clear, unapologetic political stance on the issues that surround their towns, cities and counties.  Most of these publications feed websites and circulation is commensurate to the size of their communities, usually between 1,000 and 20,000 copies.  The cost is low, yet the impact is high in a small municipality.  And, as a bonus, most of these newspapers are either offsetting costs or making a profit by selling advertising as well.

It’s fascinating to watch how the newspaper is evolving.  Its use, in the past, was to simply pay the high cost of placing an ad in your nearest, most local paper.  Now, people are just starting their own. Local websites aredifficult to promote online, so hard copies are now being creating to actually drive interest and traffic to those websites.  In many cases, it works better than any Internet campaign does.  Also, because of the eNewspaper, those newspapers can also be sent electronically to email lists, posted on social media and other areas online where they can be much more effective than trying to get people to come to your website.  You can go to them in the professional format of an eNewspaper.

Overall, election campaign newspapers are becoming extremely popular, and used in a variety of ways. It’s another example of how our customers are showing us how a newspaper can be used, and why newspapers are more relevant than ever to local communities throughout North America. 

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