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The modern newspaper’s roots go back to the beginning of the 1600’s, and for the next three hundred years the newspaper was the ONLY form of mass communication, the solitary vehicle for getting news to the masses.  It toppled governments, stopped and started wars, changed laws, shared to those oppressed . . . 

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Even though the Internet, TV, radio and so many other technology outlets dominate our media stream, here are some interesting facts, opinions and history we thought you might appreciate that are pertinent regarding newspapers in today’s marketplace.Read More
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Millions per day still read a newspaper, and the “niche” newspaper is booming. It’s not that people today don’t prefer to read hard copy; it’s that the public wants to read particularly on subject matter that keep their interest.

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Newsprint needs to go the way of the newsletter and magazines and become extremely “niche” oriented.  It offers more room for information, more credibility, and with less cost than a newsletter.

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