“Are your newspapers real newspapers...you know, like the New York Times, or something like that?”

-- Adam from Austin, TX

Hi Adam. Short answer: YES!

We get this question all the time, mostly because our prices are so low and we offer what I like to call “micro-runs,” the ability to order just a few copies—even 1. Naturally, many people are suspicious, because after calling a bunch of newspaper plants, they learned that 99% of the all will either refuse to print such a low quantity or charge an arm and a leg to do it.

Then there’s us, and we get calls frequently with people asking this very same question. Yes, our newspapers are printed on traditional newsprint—and yes, the low, inexpensive prices are very real too. There is, however, a difference between what we call Impact Newsprint and Classic Newsprint.

The paper itself is the same, so everything we print is on newsprint. What is different is the press we use. For Classic, we print using the traditional large presses known as an offset or web press. These huge presses require plate to be printed and then inserted into the press in order to print correctly. This is why such large presses can’t print such low quantities. By the time they print the plates and get the press ready, they’ve already invested a lot of money. It is just not reasonable to print just a few copies at that point.

With our Impact Newsprint, however, we use a digital press that does not require plates. These presses are smaller, tend to be somewhat slower, but we can easily justify printing only a few copies. So that’s the difference. The Impact will tend to have crisper looking text and images (because of the digital toner) and have straight, exact edges (where classic has a bit of perforated overhang on the left and right edges).

Overall, you will see a difference when you hold them side by side, but unless they are, no one will know the difference. Our micro-run, Impact Newsprint is still a newspaper, looks like a newspaper, smells like a newspaper, and would probably taste like a newspaper—not a recommended test method.

Hope that helps!

If you need more help, you can see our Frequently Asked Questions.

Greg Baker is the customer service manager for MakeMyNewspaper. He has assisted thousands of people over the years in creating, designing, and printing personalized newspapers. Click Here to ask Greg a question of your own.

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