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Making My Newspaper

Since near the time of the invention of the Web-Press (a printing machine that prints newsprint), Web-Press companies have learned to market directly towards large print jobs. They want tens of thousands of newspapers or more per day or week that repeat said order over and over. It’s where the money in web-printing has always been. MOST companies do not offer short run newspapers at all, and those that do must charge a premium. They must charge more as no company can make a living on such a small order. They can’t stay in business if they do. As a consequence, the small order has not only been completely disregarded, but has never been pursued. It has never been offered to the general public!

Because of a brand new process and the power of the internet, Makemynewspaper.com, for the first time in history, is offering those millions of businesses, schools, churches, charities, and every organization of every kind throughout the globe, and even every individual, a newspaper of their own. All for less, in most cases, then the cost of a flyer!

Remember, a newspaper for your business is more unique than a newsletter, more professional, less money in bulk, has at minimum six times the space of a flyer, and offers you the opportunity to differ your costs by having local merchants and friends advertise in your newspaper. And while major newspapers are dropping in circulation, the Niche newspapers are growing by leaps and bounds. Now, affordably, you can create your own Niche in whatever field you're in.

We are constantly developing and upgrading our system offering even more exciting tools for our growing customer list. We hope you enjoy and benefit from Makemynewspaper.com.