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Inexpensively Advertise
in Niche Newspapers Across America


Thousands of publishers will see your ad as they are designing their newspapers in our Free Cloud Designer (see example below).

AD exchange image

When they insert your ad into their newspaper and order printed newspapers, they save money on their printing costs and YOU get your ad placed into newspapers that are distributed all over North America!

Target niche audiences everywhere for the lowest newspaper advertising prices ever offered! Simply upload your large display ad and your linked ad will not only show in our Cloud Designer to tens of thousands of designers, but every time your ad is used in a print publication, we’ll deduct a small dollar amount from your predetermined budget.

There are three ways that your AD is displayed:

  • Printed Newspapers — Obviously, your AD has the potential to reach millions of people just with the printed newspapers where our customers use your AD to defray their costs.
  • eNewspapers — Each customer who uses your AD will also be given a free eNewspaper, an electronic version of their printed newspaper. They can share this eNewspaper on their websites and social media accounts, adding potentially thousands of more views for your AD. In fact, your AD will be linkable and if clicked will take the reader directly to your website.
  • MakeMyNewspaper Designers — MakeMyNewspaper has tens of thousands of designers every month who use our Free Cloud Designer to help them make their newspaper. Your AD will be available to those who fit your chosen demographics or niche. Since Designers will see your AD as a means to help defray their personal costs, they will be seeing your AD through completely different eyes than let's say a banner ad. With banner ads, people try and avoid them. WIth these ads, our Designers are actually trying to find them! These ads will save them money. There is also a live link to take them directly to your website as your ad is displayed in our Designer.


Let’s say you choose a budget of $500. Our newspaper designers can then see and choose your AD to put into their newspaper, reducing their overall print cost. We then deduct the following amount for each order until your budget is used:

50 - 500 Copies 750 - 5000 Copies 7,500 - 50,000 Copies
$25.00 $50.00 $75.00

Your budget is ONLY deducted from when someone actually orders a print job. If someone orders 7,500 to 50,000 newspapers, we deduct $75 from your budget. If someone orders 750 to 5,000 newspapers, we deduct $50 from your budget. If someone orders 50 to 500 newspapers, we deduct $25 from your budget. It’s that simple...and inexpensive.

The online displaying of your ad to tens of thousands of our customers has no charge whatsoever and shows as long as you have any remaining budget. Remember, any print order with ads in them also get a free eNewspaper of that publication, where your ad now becomes a clickable link to your website…also at no charge.

When your budget is used up, you can choose to stop advertising or re-new your budget for any amount that you’re comfortable with. You can also choose your ads to be ONLY displayed with various niches as well, such as church, wedding, community newspapers and so on.


Call 800-849-0141 x4 to talk to a live representative or order below.

Once you decide and order your budget below, an AdExchange Representative will contact you regarding your ad, your choice of niches, choice of cities and other details for your campaign. Soon you'll have an administration page that will show you who is using your ad, how much of your budget remains, how many clicks your getting to your website and other details.

Terms and Conditions

  1. MakeMyNewspaper.com, Inc. (MMN or The Provider) reserves the right to reject any advertising materials. Advertising orders are accepted subject to the terms and provisions of the current guidelines and the conditions set forth in the principles governing advertising in publications from MMN.
  2. The details of how the advertiser’s payments will be distributed are outlined on the attached “Addendum A.” and hereby agreed to.
  3. MMN reserves the right to invoice the advertiser for special or custom production requirements (see Section 9).
  4. Advertiser agrees, outside of choosing “keyword” categories to help find a more targeted audience, the Advertiser has no control of the type of newspaper or publication that their advertising may appear when used from the MMN website. Advertiser unconditionally understands that they have no say in what newspaper or publication uses their advertising, and holds neither MMN or the Publication that uses their ad responsible for said use in any manner whatsoever, and in fact this contract stipulates that the Advertiser is agreeing to these terms unconditionally and is granting any newspaper or publication the right to use their advertising from the MMN Website under the terms of this agreement:

  5. Advertising on the MMN Web site, www.makemynewspaper.com does not constitute an endorsement by the Advertiser or MMN for any newspaper or publication that uses their ads.
  6. Insertion orders are due on the 25th day prior to the insertion/start date. Electronic files are due the 25th day prior to the closing date. Ads will be posted online on the first day of the month listed as the starting date for this contract. Contact for issues regarding this contract will be at the Marketing Department at (800) 849-0141 x4 or advertising@makemynewspaper.com
  7. No waiver or modifications to the foregoing shall be binding on the Provider unless agreed to in writing.
  8. Materials for initial ads will be provided by MMN with 2 changes to proof available. More than two proofs see Section 3 of this contract. Advertiser may provide a print ready (300 DPI) jpg for any consequent ads, or customer will be billed design/production charges to make materials print-ready.
  9. Advertisers are required to make payment with the signing of this contract. Beyond that, advertiser will be billed monthly if the contract is not paid in full and are on a monthly budget. A paid invoice will be sent when billed. The Advertiser and Advertiser’s agency, if any, placing the advertisement with the Provider shall be jointly and severally liable for payment under the contract. Bills or invoices may be sent at the Provider’s option to the Advertiser and/or the Advertiser’s agency. In the event payment is not made when due, the Provider may terminate the contract. Should the Provider continue to publish the advertisement for the term of the contract, the Advertiser and/or the Advertiser’s agency agree to pay late charges and interest as permitted by law, as well as the Provider’s expenses of collection and/or attorney fees, said fee and collection costs not to exceed 50 percent of the amount due hereunder. Notice of any demand for collection or other legal notice to either the Advertiser or the Advertiser’s agency shall serve as notice to the other.
  10. Service Interruption/Limits of Liability: Advertiser agrees to not hold MMN responsible for any liability, loss, cost, claim, damage, or causes of action of any kind that it may suffer as a result of the transactions contracted herein, including but not limited to loss resulting from service delays and incomplete or interrupted service, regardless of cause or fault. MMN’s liability is limited to extension of contract by period of time ad failed to display.
  11. Ads may be updated on the first day of each month. The advertiser must submit a written request and material to change artwork and said artwork to adexchange@tmakemynewspaper.com by the 25th day of the month prior to publishing.
  12. The Advertiser and/or the Advertiser’s agency will be presumed to have read this entire agreement, and agree to all terms and conditions listed herein. Such agreement is indicated by the Advertiser and/or Advertiser’s agency signature on order placing advertisements with the Provider. This agreement becomes binding when the order is accepted and confirmed by the Provider in writing; however, should ad copy be considered unacceptable by the Provider, this contract will be terminated, unless acceptable copy is provided to the Provider within the guidelines of this contract. This agreement shall be deemed to be entered into and performed in Tucson, Arizona, and shall be construed in accordance with that state’s laws without reference to its choice of law rules.

ADDENDUM A - Payment Distribution & Extras

  1. All money collected by MMN is hereby determined to be called a “Deposit.”
  2. The term “Deposit” does not mean that the Advertiser can collect their money at any time of their choosing.
  3. The term “Deposit” means that the Advertiser’s money “Will,” and “Can” be reimbursed and deducted from under the terms of this contract.
  4. The Advertiser’s “Deposit” will be deducted from only under the terms hereby set forth.
  5. The Advertiser’s “Deposit,” or balance thereof, after Six (6) months after the date of this contract, will be reimbursed to the Advertiser at their request.
  6. Deductions from the Advertiser’s “Deposit” is outlined in “Section 7” below.
  7. In any month that the Advertiser has chosen in this contract, the Advertiser agrees to:
    • The Advertiser’s Ad will show in our “AdExchange” page within our Free Online Designer, with a live link displayed to the Advertiser’s website just below the ad. There is no charge for this and the ad will be displayed for as long as contract is active and any part of the “Deposit” is still available.
    • The Advertiser’s Ad, when used in any newspaper or publication, at the time of ordering and paying for printed newspapers, will facilitate a deduction of the Advertiser’s “Deposit” for the following amount:
      1. 50 to 500 printed newspapers: $25.00
      2. 750 to 5,000 printed newspapers: $50.00
      3. 7,500 to 50,000 printed newspapers: $75.00
  8. If, at the end of that month, the Advertiser’s “Deposit” has not been entirely used, the balance will roll over to the following month, even if another monthly payment is charged as according to the terms agreed to in this agreement.
  9. If, at the end of the contract, the Advertiser’s “Deposit” has a balance not used, that said balance will roll over for up to Six (6) months. If the entire “Deposit” is not then depleted, the Advertiser may choose to keep extending their balance on a month to month basis, or may have their balance reimbursed. END DATE (This is the date, six months after the month or months determined in this contract expire, that any balance of a “Deposit” will be returned or rolled over with a new contract.
  10. At any time that the Advertiser has a balance within the parameters of this agreement, their advertising will continue to show on the MMN website, and may be used by MMN customers.
  11. At any time after this contract has expired, and/or the Advertiser’s “Deposit” has been depleted in full, the Advertiser’s advertising will disappear from the MakeMyNewspaper.com website until the “Deposit” is replenished.
  12. ALL PRINTED NEWSPAPER ORDERS RECEIVE A FREE ENEWSPAPER.In the eNewspaper that comes with all printed newspaper orders who have used our “Ad Exchange,” all advertiser’s ads in said publication will then show with “clickable links” to the advertiser’s website of choice (as chosen on page 1) at no charge.